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About us

TIZIQ | Events & Music

TIZIQ was created by Sheldon Monderoy and co-founder Duane Hinkson.
It was soft-launched in January 2021 in preparation for gaining greater content for a full launch at a later date.

Sheldon Monderoy has been in the field of IT as CTO for several companies internationally for over 20 years and has been deeply involved in the music industry (15 years) as an event organiser for concerts and events.

Duane Hinkson has been in the field of Banking and Finance as CEO of several financial instituitions for 20 years and is a respected member of the Trinidad and Tobago business and financial community.

Together they formed Blue Guruz and have released several IT products and services which include the successful FundMeTnT (www.fundmetnt.com) which has helped raise almost $8,000,000 for a variety of campaigns since inception at the end of 2018 with over $7,000,000 being raised for various campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

TIZIQ was produced to meet the "new normal" during the Covid-19 global pandemic, which affected artists and events worldwide.

With TIZIQ, content creators can quickly create a Pay-Per-View event for their content or create a Free Viewing event that their viewers can contribute to when they watch the event owner's show.